Monday, 5 December 2016

Howth - Days out of the City.


Robert Joyce

There comes a time when you'd simply want to discover whats outside of the city, on a sunny weekend or a day off. Dublin is full of coastal villages such as Dalky, Malahide, Portmarnock, & Clontarf to name a few. However I think Howth seems to never let down in terms of things to do, events & views that are comparable to sites such as the Cliffs of Moher or Northern Coast. 

Hop on a Dart to Howth Village. Only a 15 Min Dart ride from the City Centre. 

See Irelands eye, boat rides available from €10, weather permitting. 

Before the cliff walk turn left after coming out of the train station, walk down the pier and see if you can spot the Sea-lions which are native to Howth Harbour. They aren't camera shy neither !

Start your cliff walk heading eastwards towards the cliffs. Take a moment o soak in the views of Howth Village and the harbour while ascending

The walk usually takes me around 40 - 50 minutes while stopping to take photos. The cliff walk can be rigid or slippery on a wet day. Bring comfortable shoes !

This view of the Bailey Lighthouse is in my opinion my favourite in all of Ireland. Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer.... Well worth the trip out to see this view in person. 

On the other side of the cliff try to look out for this hidden gem of a beach. Reachable from a very high set of steps. 

Once you reach the Summit, the walk back to Howth Village should be around 10-15 minutes. Before heading back to the city why not try some of the local food which Howth has to offer. Our favourite being The Bloody Stream, located just below the train station. Check out some of our favourites from the popular bar. 

Dublin Muscles served with chowder and Pint of Hop House 13. 

A bar that boast a genuine turf fireplace. The Bloody Stream vaunts a cozy atmosphere, friendly customer service and a fresh range of Seafood. See their Menu

Another spot to consider on a more formal occasion would be Aqua Restaurant, located at the end of the west pier. Offering " Seriously good food in a room with a view". In my opinion this restaurant holds the most spectacular panoramic view for any restaurant in Ireland. Early Bird menus available from €25 euros per head up to 19:30.  See more -

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